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Thursday, October 25, 2018

How to concentrate on studies - Top 10 effective ways

Studying with full concentration can be a challenging task for many of you. You might want to study hard, but whenever you open a page of your book, you want to either eat something or check your Instagram notifications. These distractions are the hurdles between you and your success and they will not let you win the race of your life.

a man studying school textbooks with full concentration

Why am I distracted?

Well, in my opinion, the basic reason behind this is the feeling that you can't do it. You have made yourself so weak that studying with your full potential seems somewhat impossible to you. Another reason is that you have no 'reason' to do it. You haven't set your goals yet or don't have a big reason that can motivate you to work hard. You might have found your comfort zone and do not wish to get out of it and push yourself to work hard. These are like the branches of a tree called 'FAILURE'.

How to concentrate on studies?

Getting away from these distraction and studying with full concentration is not a child's play. You need a strong will power and dedication to do so. If you are distracted because of your emotional disbalances say for example your recent breakup, or a starting of a new relationship, you need to overcome all these feelings that will hinder your growth. Life will provide you time to enjoy all these things, but what you need to do right now is to study hard. Yeah I know that getting out of such states is not an easy task, but I have already told you that studying with full concentration is not a child's play. So, tighten your belt and read the following tips carefully that can definitely change your fate, provided that you follow them regularly.

  • Set up your goals

Just like architects design a blue print before constructing a multistorey building, you too have to design a blue print for your career. Setting up a goal is not a work that can be done in a minute or two. It should be based on your choice and the field in which you are good. Plan carefully as it is not a birthday present that can be decided easily during an evening walk. You can also take the help of a career counselor so that you can set up a right track as this is the biggest decision of your life which lies above choosing your life partner.

  • Plan your day

a checklist

Now, you have got a reason to study. You have your goal and the direction in which you have to proceed further. So the next big step is planning your day. Make a to-do list every day. Say for instance you make a list of three science lessons that you have to complete in the whole day. Write it down on a piece of paper and put a check mark after every chapter when you complete it. Doing so will give you motivation and you will soon get the habit of completing your tasks in a limited time frame.

  • Social media

This is a deciding factor in your race. If you use it in a limit, it will benefit you. But, if you get addicted to it, it can turn the tide. Social media has made the life easier, but it is also true that it has ruined the lives of many. People, who earlier used to spend their time in doing something creative now waste it just by reading brand new memes. If you avoid social media during your studies, your 50% race is complete. According to many researchers, social media affects not only your physical health, but also your concentration power. If possible, just uninstall all such applications from your smartphone and try to stay away from virtual friends. Trust me, if you do so even for one week, you will definitely see positive results in your academic performance.

  • Wake up Sid! 

a woman in a night dress holding a gate

The way you spend your morning decides the way how you are going to spend the day. For example, if you start your morning in a lazy way, with your phone in your one hand and eyes searching for new messages, you will end up your whole day by doing nothing productive. When you wake up in morning, get off the bed energetically and do not let yourself fall into the trap of such distractions. If you love a motivational song, sing it while doing your morning duties. I am not saying to sing it in a loud voice as I know that your throat is not properly ready for a song, but sing it slowly. I personally follow this step and it really prepares my mind for a hectic schedule.

  • Drink more & more water

When you study, fix a time for drinking water. Say for example you study for an hour continuously, drink water in between as it will hydrate your body and the concentration ability of your mind will increase. It also relaxes the mind.

  • Study for short time span

Many people do the mistake of studying continuously for 8 or 10 hours. Let me tell you in clear English words 'YOU ARE A HUMAN BEING, NOT A MACHINE!'. Study for a time period with which you are comfortable. You are going to be judged on the basis of your performance, and not on the basis of the hours which you spend in studying. All you have to do is to study with full concentration. If you are able to give you 100% concentration for only half an hour, do not study for more as the rest work will not be much productive. Cal Newport in his book 'Deep work' has written that 'High quality work produced = time spent x intensity of focus'. However, you can go for a continuous period provided that you take breaks in between. It will relax your mind and also will get you into the habit of sitting at one place for longer hours. But do not open your social media accounts in those breaks. Go for a walk as many neurologists and psychologists have suggested that walking is a great way to improve your learning power.

  • Exercise daily

Exercise daily for atleast 15 minutes in the beginning and then slowly increase the time span. Exercises improve your mental health and also your senses. Meditation is a great way that can improve your ability to remain focused. Meditate daily and you will notice the changes within yourself in just a couple of days. It will also not let anxiety override you while you study.

  • Balanced diet

Avoid eating junk foods and prefer balanced diet as it will provide you energy to study with full concentration. It will also give your body all those nutrients that it need in order to work without getting exhausted.

  • Peer groups

an image showing five friends engaged in their work and sitting around a table

Choose your friends wisely. Do not become too social as it affects the concentration of an individual. Keep your friend circle small and involve people with whom you can clear your doubts or study. Keep such friends at an arm's length which only distract you or do not let you work hard. A true friend is that which motivates you not the one which takes you to the wrong track. Spending for about half an hour a day with friends is very useful as it refreshes the mind and is also a better way to exchange ideas.

  • Proper sleep

This is the most controversial topic. Some researchers say that you need to sleep only for 6 hours while others say that even 8 hours of sleep is not enough. Well, what I say is sleep according to your needs and not according to the hours. If you have an exam the very next day, sleep for 7-8 hours and if there is one week or two for your exams, you can sleep for lesser hours. Do not exert yourself too much and sleep for the period in which your body becomes completely relaxed. It can either be 6 hours or 8 hours depending on the type of work your perform.  You can only be able to concentrate well if you have had a proper sleep the previous night.

Many a time when the exams approach, students commit the mistake of exerting their body too much. They even consume memory booster pills which cause many problems to the body. Do not ever consume such pills as they can have many side effects. Always go with the natural foods such as almonds and apricots.

We, at, hope that our article on 'How to concentrate on studies' has served its sole purpose by helping you in some way.


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