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Monday, October 29, 2018

How to fight depression - 11 easy and effective ways

Once upon a time, there was a boy named 'Alex'. He was very diligent in his studies and scored very well in his tests. When he was in his high school, he dreamed to achieve 95% marks. He also started daydreaming about his future college and the job that he would get with such a high percentage. However, at the time of his examinations, he felt very sick. His dream of scoring 95% marks ended in smoke. His all future plans vanished. He started feeling sad and he totally isolated himself. He wouldn't meet anyone and would barely eat anything. When he became obsessed with his thoughts, he committed suicide. 

This is just one story out of millions unheard. But the question that arises here is why Alex did so? Well, the answer to this question in one word is 'Depression'. However, studies are not the only factor responsible for causing depression. Unemployment, break-up, divorce, death of a closed ones, accident etc. are some of the other common reasons.

an image showing a man sitting on floor suffering from depression

There is no hard and fast definition of depression. But in simple words, depression is a mental illness caused when a person remains sad continuously for a long time (more than 2 weeks). In biological terms, depression is a state of mind when the amount of Serotonin and Dopamine (chemicals released in the body during change in emotions; responsible for changing the mood) reduces in the body. His mood does not changes and the jokes that once used to bring a smile to his face, now barely makes him happy. It is a state of downfall in every field of life. There are two types of depression: Clinical depression and Situational depression.

Clinical depression: It is an extreme form of depression and it has many adverse effects on the body. It stays for longer period of time and proper medications and therapies are used to fight it.

Situational depression: It is a kind of depression which is caused due to sudden events or work pressure. It can be cured easily by following a healthy routine.

Today, depression has become a worldwide problem and one in every 6 persons suffers from depression atleast once throughout his lifetime. Every year, about 8,00,000 people commit suicide and out of these, 1,35,000 (17%) are Indians, a nation with 17.5% of the world's total population. Depression is a grave problem that should be taken seriously, but in India, it is considered as a trivial illness. People follow a simple nomenclature rule to name all mental illness patients and that rule is- call every patient 'paagal' or moron. However, this mentality needs to be changed or else it would become impossible to bring down the numbers. 

13 Signs of depression

  • Lack of sleep or insomnia

  • Poor appetite

  • Pain in muscles

  • Weight loss

  • Physically sick

  • Complete isolation

  • Overwhelmed

  • Unhappy

  • Irritable

  • Lack of confidence

  • Frustrated

  • Indecisiveness

  • Lack of concentration

  • How to fight depression

How to fight depression?

Fighting depression is not an uphill task. A strong will power is required to follow certain tips in daily life as it is difficult to cope with activities during depression. You have to make yourself stronger if you have to eliminate it completely. Trust me pal, you can do it. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Exercises

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Every problem, even Alzheimer's disease can be cured to some degree by doing exercises. Exercise daily for atleast half an hour as it will release various chemicals such as Serotonin and Dopamine which will make you emotionally balanced. It is not necessary to perform weight lifting or archery in the name of exercising. Walking or jogging are also proved to be very beneficial.

  • Cold shower

Whenever you think that you cannot pull your mind off a constant feeling, take a cold shower. It will shake every bit of your body which will further improve your blood circulation. 

  • Interact with surroundings

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Visit your nearby park or any other public place with which you are comfortable and try to spend your time in interacting with other people there. It will make you happy and will also help in changing your mind. You can also visit gardens or botanical parks, if available in your locality, to observe the beauty of nature. It will help in diverting your mind.

  • Scream your heart out

This is one of the tips which I used to follow when I felt depressed. I would inform my parents about a screeching sound that they were going to hear in a few minutes and I shouted very loudly. This helped me in relaxing my mind and also reduced my pain to some extent. You can also follow this technique. Just go in an open area and scream your heart out.

  • Express yourself

Find a trustworthy mate and express your feelings to him. I know that nowadays its a bit difficult to find a trustworthy mate, but it can be your mother, father, siblings, or anyone with whom you are comfortable to share your agony. Sharing your feelings will make you feel lighter than before.

  • Start writing

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Diary writing is a wonderful habit that can help in reducing your stress. You can write about your bad incidents in it and the greatest part about writing is that you can express yourself thoroughly. There are no particular rules and nobody is going to judge you as long as it is your personal piece of writing.

  • Fish liver oil

Rich in omega-3 fatty acid, fish liver oil is very beneficial in removing anxiety or stress from the mind. Unlike omega-6 fatty acid, it is anti-inflammatory. It is an essential oil which cannot be produced by our body and therefore, it is needed to be ingested.

  • Sunlight

Many people know that sunlight is a good source of vitamin D; which is responsible in making the bones stronger and denser. But what they don't know is the fact that exposing the body to sunlight for only 30 minutes can heal many of their diseases. Sunlight regulates the circadian rhythm (also known as the body clock or sleep/wake cycle). It also maintains the energy levels and the regulation of certain chemicals including serotonin and dopamine which remove anxiety or stress. 

  • Healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is very necessary when it comes to fighting depression. Sleeplessness or insomnia makes you fatigued and also affects the functioning of the brain which further gives rise to various health problems. Sleep for 7-8 hours daily and follow a proper sleep/wake routine.

  • Anti-ruminative activities

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Get engaged in sports and games. Playing games such as ludo, chess or carom is an excellent way to make yourself busy and to avoid ruminating. You can also get involved in various social activities or gatherings.

  • Social connections

Researchers from University of Michigan have discovered that bonding between people people releases hormones that reduces stress or anxiety. Become more social and prefer face-to-face talks to Facebook talks as the former has many positive effects on your personality than the former.

If your condition is severe or suicidal thoughts strike your mind, consult a psychologist immediately. You can also call 022 2754 6696 (India) any time.

We, at, hope that our article on 'How to fight depression' has served its sole purpose by helping you in some way.